Shipping United Kingdom - Belgium


In our transport offer, you can find for example express shipping between the United Kingdom and Belgium. The capital of this country, Brussels, is located 410 km (253 miles) from London and it usually takes 8-10 hours to reach it. However, the circumstances beyond our control must be taken into consideration, which are, for instance, adverse weather conditions, increased traffic or long queues at border crossings.

Express transport between the United Kingdom and Belgium is flourishing, mainly because of the attractive localisation of the country, which is highly appreciated by British exporters. Even if it is not a big state, it is very influential in European shipping. This is an important strategic center of international relations and economic development, not only for EU institutions and NATO, but also many other worldwide companies and organizations. Considering the fact, that Brussels constitutes for a kind of a centre of European Union, it is not surprising that express shipping between Belgium and the United Kingdom is growing extremely rapidly.

Belgium is a federal state with a constitutional monarchy. It is placed in the southern Low Countries, in the catchment area of the North Sea. There are three official languages in the country, namely French, Dutch and German, of which the latter one is used by as little as 1% of the population. The state is divided into three regions as well: Flemish (in the north), Walloon (in the south) and The Brussels-Capital Region. Each of them has its own legislative authority, which is the Regional Council. Belgium is one of the most developed European countries, with a GDP of 254 billion euros, which gives 30 001 euros per capita. It certainly explains why the express transport between Belgium and the United Kingdom is so beneficial for many entrepreneurs.