Shipping United Kingdom - Czech Republic

Czech Republic
Our wide range of transport services includes express shipping between the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. The distance between London and Prague is 1311 km (818 miles), so in order to travel from the first capital to the other we need usually 19-21 hours. Factors beyond our controls must be also taken into account, as they can have a significant impact on the delivery time. We are talking here about for example adverse weather conditions or heavily congested roads.

Express transport between the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic is beneficial for instance because of the outstandingly organized road network this country owns. The motorway D and the network of expressways R, located both in the west and the east, are huge advantages, appreciated by many companies. Moreover, D1 which is connecting two networks between Prague and Bern is an additional asset. All this may lead to nearly 100,000 vehicles being driven there every 24 hours! Bearing in mind the extensive and carefully planned organization of the road network, it is no wonder that express shipping between the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom is developing so well.

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country with no access to the sea, which is divided into fourteen regions. It is a parliamentary republic, based on the liberal system of government, with the President at the helm. It belongs to numerous international organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations, NATO, the Council of Europe, the Schengen zone, the Visegrad Group and the OECD. According to the World Bank, the Czech Republic is one of the 31 richest countries in the world, taking into account the per capita income. Only a small percentage of the Czech citizens lives below the poverty line and unemployment has maintained at a low level for a long time already. Because of this wealth, express transport between the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom is very profitable.