Shipping United Kingdom - Denmark


Our company provides you with a professional service of express shipping between the United Kingdom and Denmark. Copenhagen is placed approximately 1294 km (806 miles) far from London, so the delivery takes 24-26 hours. It should be remembered though that the reasons outside our control may extend that time. These are for example congested roads, bridges and ferries, as well as huge queues at border crossings or bad weather.

Express transport between the United Kingdom and Denmark runs very smoothly thanks to the excellent organization of the roads connecting the major five regions (Nordjylland, Hovedstaden, Syddanmark, Midtjylland and Sjaelland). It is true that this country is located on many islands, but European motorways E20, E39, E45, E47 and E55 make it possible to move across it without much trouble. The reason for it is that they are equipped with all the necessary tunnels and bridges, including many marine channels, without which the journey would take much longer. Therefore, thanks to so well-constructed roads, express shipping between Denmark and the United Kingdom is a very advantageous issue for many companies.

Denmark is the smallest of the Nordic countries, located in Scandinavia. It is at the same time the oldest European monarchy with preserved continuity of heredity power. It belongs to the European Union as well as NATO, the UN, the OECD, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Nordic Union, the Council of Europe and other influential international organizations. Denmark may boast of its well-developed economy. It has one of the highest positions in the Index of Economic Freedom among the EU countries and in the world's top ten highest GDP per capita. Because of these favorable economic conditions, express transport between Denmark and the United Kingdom is an extremely profitable investment.