Shipping United Kingdom - Hungary

We are pleased to offer you incredibly efficient and safe express shipping between the United Kingdom and Hungary. The distance between London and Budapest is 1766 km (1097 miles), and covering it takes from 30 to 34 hours most frequently. However, one should take into consideration the adverse factors, which we have no influence on. If the vehicle will encounter increased traffic on the roads, border crossings or ferries, or weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow or strong wind, the delivery time may be extended.

In express transport between the United Kingdom and Hungary, the most popular consumer goods are agricultural products, garments, textiles, chemicals, machinery and transport equipment, steel, iron and wines. These exports are the flagship products of Hungary. The most commonly recognizable Hungarian products are their excellent wines. It is the first country where legislation considering this drink was introduced (in 1893). The most prized red wines come from the region of Villány-Siklós. The appreciation of the Hungarian alcohol is one of the factors that affect the dynamic express shipping between Hungary and the UK.

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe, which belongs to the UN, NATO and the European Union. It is a unicameral parliamentary representative democratic republic. Its economy is based largely on industry, agriculture and tourism. The highly developed agriculture particularly stands out. Hungary has the highest proportion of arable land in Europe - nearly 50%. Wheat, barley, maize and sugar beet are most commonly grown there. Without a shadow of a doubt, it contributes to the development of extremely profitable express transport between Hungary and the UK.