Shipping United Kingdom - Italy


Our high-class standard services include well-organized express shipping between the United Kingdom and Italy. In order to get from London to Rome or back, we have to drive 1904 km (1182 miles), which usually takes about 38-42 hours. It is important, however, to take into account possible delays in delivery caused by troublesome factors that we have no influence on. These include, for example, bad weather conditions, such as storms, downpours, thunderstorms and blizzards, and the increased traffic on roads, bridges, ferries or at border crossings.

Extremely efficient and remunerative express transport between the United Kingdom and Italy is possible among other things thanks to the very good quality of Italian roads. Many of the car drive fans appreciate the Stelvio pass, which is the highest road pass in the Italian part of Eastern Alps. Nevertheless, this is merely a part of the highest-quality route SS38, which continues deep into the mountains. Besides, the country has a network of up to 6487 km of motorways. This convenience of moving around Italy is certainly one of the reasons why express shipping between Italy and the United Kingdom develops so impressively.

Italy is located in the Apennine Peninsula and belongs to the European Union, NATO and the governmental forum of eight richest and most industrialized countries - the G8. It is a republic with a bicameral parliament, based on democracy and whose head is the president. It is divided into 20 regions. In economic terms, this is one of the most important countries in Europe and worldwide. In 2011, Italy's GDP reached 2.246 trillion dollars, which gave them an eighth position of the largest economies in the world and third in Europe. Italy abounds in natural resources and minerals, such as brown coal, oil or natural gas. The industries of great importance there are metallurgy, automotive, textile, food processing and manufacturing of glass. What is more, the country ranks first in the production of wines in the world. Hence, it is not surprising that express transport between Italy and the United Kingdom is growing vividly and brings many benefits.