Shipping United Kingdom - Norway


We are specialists in, inter alia, express shipping between the United Kingdom and Norway. It takes usually 38-42 hours to travel 1773 km (1102 miles) which separate London from Oslo. Still, it should not be forgotten that there are many circumstances which may influence the delivery time to a large extent. We have in mind, for example, congested roads, detours or severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, blizzards and storms.

Express transport between the United Kingdom and Norway develops splendidly, as they do not lack favorable road conditions in this country. The most important motorways are E6, stretching from the north all the way to the south and E39, which is located on the West Coast. There are also so-called Norwegian national roads, which account for nearly 30% of all public roads. Most of them are covered with solid asphalt concrete. The high quality of Norwegian roads without a doubt significantly contributes to the dynamic development of express shipping between Norway and the UK.

Norway is a constitutional monarchy, located in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and on the islands of Bouvet, Jan Mayen and Svalbard. It has a long coastline (over 20,000 km) with specific bays called fjords. Norway is divided into 5 regions. It is a highly developed country, with the processing industry at a high level. Particularly well developed branches of industry in Norway are electrochemical (especially when it comes to creating yards), woodworking, pulp and paper, machinery, metal, textiles, porcelain and refinery. The Norwegian economy is famous, above all, for its wonderful fishing, as that country largely adheres to the sea and abounds in fish. All these plentiful resources have a very significant impact on the vigorous development of express transport between Norway and the UK.