Shipping United Kingdom - Poland

Our company provides a professional service of express shipping between the United Kingdom and Poland. The distance that separates London from Warsaw counts 1676 km (1038 miles) and it can be travelled in 26-28 hours in most cases. Yet, the possibility of some completely independent unfavourable circumstances must be also taken into account, as they may contribute to the delivery time extension. These are for instance such adverse weather conditions as blizzards, heavy rains and storms, as well as congestion at border crossings, bridges or ferries.

Express shipping between Poland and the United Kingdom develops intensely among other things because the road transport is of paramount importance in the Republic. It can be proven by the fact that as much as 85% of cargo is transported by trucks. Moreover, many vehicles in transit between the western and the southern part of Europe and the eastern one pass through Poland. The length of the road network in this country is over 412,000 km, including about 280,000 km with a hard surface. There are more than 1552 km of motorways in use, as well as over 16 604 km of expressways. A6, A8 and A18 are all free, while in the case of A2, A4 and A1 selected fragments are without charge.

The Republic of Poland is a unitary state in Central Europe. In terms of population, it ranks 34th in the world and 6th in the European Union. It is a parliamentary republic with a parliamentary cabinet system, based on a tripartite division of power. It belongs to many international organizations such as NATO, the World Trade Organization, the UN, the Central European Free Trade Agreement, the Council of Baltic Sea States, the Visegrad Group and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Polish economy ranks 8th in the EU and 24th in the world. In this country, the most vividly developing branches of industry are coal, metallurgy, machinery, energy, automotive, machinery, electronics and electrical, transportation, textile, clothing and food. It has an enormous impact on growing popularity of express shipping between the United Kingdom and Poland.