Shipping United Kingdom - Russia

One of the professional services offered by our transport company is extremely efficient express shipping between Russia and the UK. The distance between London and Moscow is 2871 km (1784 miles) and we travel it within 29-33 hours as a rule. It is worth remembering though that sometimes unfavorable situations beyond our control occur on the roads, such as increased traffic, lengthening border control or poor weather conditions. Unfortunately, they may prolong the delivery time.

Express shipping between the United Kingdom and Russia develops magnificently, as its transport networks are one of the most intensified in the world. Federal roads in Russia are of great importance both domestically and internationally. They are marked with the letter M (main) most commonly. The current network is a continuation of the Soviet scheme. Parts of the federal roads are marked as motorways, as they have their parameters. On this widely expanded road network, express transport between Russia and the United Kingdom is flourishing.

The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world in terms of an area. It belongs to many major international organizations such as the G20, the UN Security Council, Eurasian Economic Union, the Commonwealth of Independent Nations and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Russia is a federal republic based on a semi-presidential system of government. Its economy is in the tenth place in the world rankings. It has the world's largest amount of natural supplies and energy sources. Russia is an important exporter of crude oil, natural gas, metals, wood, chemicals and military goods. It imports mostly cars, machinery, pharmaceutical products, plastics, meat, semi-finished metal, fruit, nuts, optical and medical instruments, steel and iron. Hence, express transport between the United Kingdom and Russia becomes more and more common and beneficial.