Shipping United Kingdom - Spain

We are experts in express shipping between the United Kingdom and Spain. The route between London and Madrid has 1758 km (1092 miles) and we usually manage to drive it within 32-36 hours. Nevertheless, the probability of the random negative factors should not be ignored. We are referring here to for instance intense traffic on the roads, bridges, ferries or at border crossings, together with unpleasant weather surprises: storms, downpours, blizzards, to name but a few. They may affect the delivery time to a given extent.

Express transport between the United Kingdom and Spain is facilitated by an outstandingly developed road network in this country. Overall, it has 370,000 km, including 16 204 km of motorways and expressways, making this system the largest network in Europe and the third largest in the world. Some of them belong to the National Road Network. Motorways are mostly paid, while expressways are toll-free. Due to the excellent organization of this first-class wide road network, express shipping between Spain and the United Kingdom has thrived for many years already.

Spain is the largest of the three countries located in the Iberian Peninsula. It also possesses the Balearic and Canary Islands, as well as the so-called sovereign territories. Spain is divided into 17 autonomous communities, which has a high degree of autonomy, and two autonomous cities. The current political system is a parliamentary monarchy. Spanish economy is in 12th place on the world list created on the basis of the GDP. The most important part of it is a highly developed industry, including automotive (eg. SEAT), metallurgy, coal, electrical, textile and agri-food areas. Spanish fishery and the cultivation of citrus fruits are also of great significance. Given all these advantages, it is hardly surprising that express transport between Spain and the United Kingdom is excellently prospering.